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EPM HorseThe information presented on this site is taken from the latest veterinary journals, respected magazines, clinical trial reports, and veterinarian recommendations. The up-to-date information is presented for horse owners to work with their veterinarian to diagnose and treat EPM. The sooner a diagnosis is made and treatment started, the better the prognosis. This site DOES NOT diagnose, or recommend treatment. Only your veterinarian can diagnose and prescribe treatments.
Tack and Gear – Outfitting Your HorseIf you’ve decided you want to ride a horse, you’re going to need to purchase all of the necessary tack and gear. Some people use these words interchangeably, but they aren’t actually the same thing. Tack applies more to items you need to actually ride, including a saddle, bridle, bit, stirrups, reins, cinch, blanket/saddle pad, spurs, etc. Gear, on the other hand, usually refers to the items you need to keep your horse comfortable and groomed, such as brushes, feed buckets, etc. Basically, if it’s used in riding, it’s tack, while if it’s used in the stables, it’s gear.
Buck BrannamanDan M. "Buck" Brannaman is a horse trainer and a leading practitioner within the field of natural horsemanship, which is a philosophy of working with horses based on the idea of working with the horse's nature, using an understanding of how horses think and communicate to train the horse to accept humans and work confidently and responsively with them. One of Brannaman's stated goals is to make the animal feel safe and secure around humans so that the horse and rider can achieve a true union. If you have the opportunity to go to one of Buck's clinics. GO! even if you only go as an observer, it is well worth the cost of admission.
Buck the FilmBUCK, a richly textured and visually stunning film, follows Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses. A real-life “horse-whisperer”, he eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment. This is a truly amazing film. If you have not seen the film, I urge you to do so.

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